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Tracy Eberhart

Tracy Eberhart has been perpetually distracted by boats ever since her mother taught her to sail, and childhood summers were spent tooling around the marshes of Currituck Sound, Outer Banks, North Carolina, in a beloved Jimmy Steele peapod. In college her attention was diverted away from academics by an intramural crew team, and while after graduation she spent a dozen years fundraising for a variety of New York City arts and cultural institutions, boating continued to occupy most of her extracurricular time. Tracy was a founding member of Harlem River Community Rowing, a 501(c)3 nonprofit with a mission to increase affordable and accessible rowing opportunities for all New Yorkers. In 2012 she was seduced by the community of creative, eccentric, and boat-obsessed characters that inhabit Brooklin, Maine, and traded a population of 8 million for 800. Her greatest fear is that her baby girl born in 2020 will not like boats.