Welcome to our 2023 course offerings and WoodenBoat School’s 43rd year! While many of the wonderful things that define this school haven’t changed much over the decades, others have. Our very first catalog was nothing more than a trifold pamphlet with 8 courses, mailed out with subscriptions to WoodenBoat magazine in 1981. This year we have almost 100 courses available for you to browse, share, and sign-up for on our website. While expedience and a professional reverence for trees means we no longer print a paper catalog, we still offer those 8 courses from the original trifold, in one form or another, taught by different instructors, with a different supporting staff. With over forty years of instruction and institutional growth, many elements have evolved, but the essentials remain. The feeling you get from being on campus and the experience you share with other students while you are here will stay with you for the rest of your life. It is my great pleasure to invite you to come be a part of everything, old and new, the WoodenBoat School has to offer.

Nestled on the coast of Maine, our beautiful 64-acre “saltwater” campus is the perfect environment for those interested in boatbuilding, repair, design, woodworking, metalworking, sailing, kayaking, and so much more. Whatever your abilities, our “hands-on” courses will help you develop your skills and confidence, in the shop and on the water. We’ll provide you with a friendly and talented staff, outstanding faculty, delicious, fresh food, and quiet, comfortable accommodations. It’s just a great place to take a break from your busy life schedule and experience a one-of-a-kind camaraderie with like-minded folks.

We encourage you to browse this website for detailed information on course descriptions, tuition, accommodations, costs, how to register, plus lots more. You can also call us at 207–359–4651 or email us at school@woodenboat.com and we’ll be glad to answer all your questions.

We look forward to hearing from you soon,

Eric Stockinger

Mission Statement

WoodenBoat School was started in 1981 as an extension of WoodenBoat magazine. It’s stated purposes are:

  1. to provide access to experience for wooden boat enthusiasts in construction, maintenance, repair, design, seamanship and other related crafts;
  2. to establish a meeting ground for the finest and most knowledgeable boating professionals to share their skills, techniques, and appreciation of the traditions of craftsmanship in wooden boats;
  3. to give added dimension to the editorial content of WoodenBoat and Professional Boatbuilder magazines.
  • Faculty & Staff

    Our staff members generally hail from all over the country and from many walks of life. Many of them are seasoned veterans of the joys and travails of boats, boating, and boatbuilding, while others are warm, friendly faces doing their very best to make your stay with us a pleasant, comfortable one. From the School Director to our energetic kitchen, waterfront, shop, and office staff, each member possesses a strong commitment to a first-class program and the creation of a positive, safe environment for students and visitors alike. Above all, they enjoy sharing this “little piece of paradise” with all who stop by.

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  • Our Facilities

    Brooklin offers everyone who arrives an unbelievably rich environment for learning and relaxing. Located in a breathtakingly beautiful region of the Maine coast (a five-hour drive north of Boston, MA), our 60-acre “saltwater campus” encourages both faculty and students to feel at home and happily immerse themselves in a world of boatbuilding, woodworking, metalworking, boating and a lot more.

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  • Our Fleet

    You might not see all of our boats yet, as we are still working on this part of the website.

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