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Build Your Own Points East Pram

Building a fun family tender.

July 16 – July 22
Brooklin, Maine
$925 (partner $450)
Rowing Version: $1688
Clint Chase
Experience Level
Activity Level

This is a six-day course ending Saturday

Note: Please only register the initial builder and then reach out to the School offices to register any partners that will be joining you.

The Points East Pram was designed in collaboration with Points East Magazine to be a stable, graceful tender. It’s also a great boat to use as a teaching model, one that goes together swiftly but still teaches the basics of traditional plywood boat construction. Being small, it is easy to handle for a group of young people and adults, and is a wonderful way to teach youth boating and sailing on the water. Like other Chase Small Craft kits, the pram is CNC-cut from marine-grade plywood, with all other hardwood pieces, hardware, and epoxy included. Families will love seeing the boat go together over the course of the week: assembling parts the first day, shaping the hull the next couple days, and then fitting out the interior and attaching the hardware. By the end of the week, you can launch your boat and go for a row! The pram is also a very portable boat, able to slide into the back of most pickup trucks and light enough to cartop on most aftermarket rack systems.

For those who wish, there will be oarmaking kits and sail packages available as well.

  • Who is this course best suited for?

    This course is appropriate for someone with little or no experience.  The course is designed around the idea that you have not done this before or know very little about the subject.  Students should pay more attention to suggested readings or videos to help familiarize themselves ahead of time.

    This course involves a high level of activity throughout the week Including: sustained sanding or hand planing, standing and working most of the day.

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