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Fundamentals of Boatbuilding and Advanced Fundamentals of Boatbuilding

The theory and practice of classical boatbuilding.

Fundamentals of Boatbuilding

Tuition: $1250 (two-week course)

Note: Fundamentals of Boatbuilding is open to everyone, although woodworking skills and familiarity with tools and with the language of boatbuilding really help students to get the most out of it.

Advanced Fundamentals of Boatbuilding

Taking it one step further.

Tuition: $1250 (two-week course)

Note: Previous boatbuilding/woodworking experience is required.

Fundamentals of Boatbuilding is the core curriculum of our boatbuilding courses and one of our most popular offerings. This series generally deals with the whole craft of boatbuilding, specifically with wooden boats, and most specifically with plank-on-frame small craft.

We tend to build challenging boats in these classes—round-bilged, carvel, and lapstrake-planked types—because if you can build one of these, you can build almost anything. Ideally, each class will start one boat, work at planking another, and finish a third. The emphasis is always more on learning than on pushing through a project. Each session combines daily discussion periods with an abundance of practical work. You’ll start out discussing boat plans and design, and how to develop a project plan.

Lofting will follow (see LOFTING, as follows, for a complete treatment of this subject). From there, it will be a steady stream of boatbuilding lessons—tools, body plans, types of construction, planking methods, steam-bending, lamination, woods, fastenings, and much, much more.

Boatbuilding in the shop

ADVANCED FUNDAMENTALS is designed for experienced individuals looking for ways to continue their education and taking the “next step” in working on more complex designs and projects. Daily lessons will include scarfing, interior and exterior joinerwork, sparmaking, centerboard installation, and various other details. This course is a wonderful complement to any earlier boatbuilding exposure you may have sampled.

Thad Danielson goes way beyond being an instructor. He inspires and thus, he is more of a mentor than a traditional teacher. His instruction style is minimalistic, yet very comprehensive. Thad really made FUNDAMENTALS OF BOATBUILDING worthwhile.”
B.D., Bloomington, Indiana


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