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Carving Name Boards

Learn how to carve letters using only one tool.

August 4 – August 10
Brooklin, Maine
Reed Hayden
Experience Level
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This is a five-day course ending Friday

In the late 1800s and early 1900s coastal New England residents would salvage materials from shipwrecks off the coast. Included in these findings would be decorative carvings and nameboards. The residents would often decorate their homes with these pieces. Over time people began to emulate the style of the European carvings that they salvaged. Eventually there grew a folk-art tradition in New England of untrained craftsmen producing nautical signs and carvings for boats and homes.

In this course students will learn how to carve incised letters using a unique one-tool method that is effective and accessible. The main project for this week will be a nameboard. Nameboards are used on boats as well as homes and cottages. We will look at some examples, discuss the various elements, and learn how to design and create our own nameboards. In addition to carving letters, this project will expose students to some simple carved motifs and basic woodworking.

  • Who is this course best suited for?

    This course is appropriate for someone with little or no experience.  The course is designed around the idea that you have not done this before or know very little about the subject.  Students should pay more attention to suggested readings or videos to help familiarize themselves ahead of time.

    This course involves a low level of activity throughout the week including: occasional standing and working, seating is usually available, working on your own project at your own pace is common.

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