Important Registration Information - 2023 Registration

Paul Gartside

Paul Gartside was born in North Wales in 1953. His boyhood and early working life were spent on the River Fal in Cornwall where Paul’s family had a boatyard. He studied boat design at Southampton College of Technology and is an associate member of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects. In 1983, Paul moved to Canada and has lived on both east and west coasts. In 2016 Paul moved to the U.S. and now lives in East Hampton, New York. For as long as Paul can remember, he has been possessed by the need to build boats, and as time goes on there seems little chance of a cure. The majority of Paul’s experience has been in wood construction, although as the design side of his business has grown, he has worked in most other materials and in many areas of the marine industry, both commercial and pleasure. These days, Paul divides his time between building, designing, and concentrating on one-off wooden boats toward the small end of the industry spectrum. Many of his design clients are home builders. It is among this clientele that he finds the motivations most genuine and his sympathies strongest.