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John Staub

JOHN STAUB’s career in the maritime trade began as a child, cruising aboard his grandfather’s fishing boat. He spent weekends handing his grandfather wrenches, planting the seed of what would become a life surrounded by boats. John stayed close to salt water in the early years, growing up on a surfboard in Ocean City, Maryland, and sailing around the world compliments of the Marine Corps. This was followed by a 16-year interval in restaurant management. In 2013, John moved to Annapolis to finish what his grandfather started—building a career as a boatbuilder and spending more time with his kids. After devoting the first year in Annapolis to refurbishing sailboats, John got the long-awaited phone call to join the Chesapeake Light Craft team where he served as a sales associate, production manager, and CEO. John currently works as a technical and maintenance team manager with Diversified Marine Services in Annapolis, Maryland. Not one to squander spare time, John also remains a prolific boatbuilder and started a small boatbuilding company, Riverview Boatworks, with his brother.