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Sailmaking & Rig Tuning for Pond Yachts

Learn how to build and tune a new set of sails for your remote controled sailboat  

July 21 – July 27
Brooklin, Maine
John Stoudt
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You will begin by making your own set of molds and accessories for sail making. Taking measurements from your current set of sails or the appropriate sail plan, you will lay out your patterns. From these you will cut out the sail panels for the new sails. Using the molds, you have made, you will assemble each sail and cut them out, preparing them for sewing the lead (luff) edge of each sail. You will make your own devices for sail making and rig tuning. Early in the week you concentrate on sail making. Mid-week will find you removing the sails from your boat and installing the new set. Late in the week you will bench tune your boat and conduct test sails in order to improve the performance of your boat. The sails will be made of Icarex (PC31) which is a ripstop polycarbonate fabric.

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