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Introduction to Canvaswork

Project design, tools of the trade, industrial machine stitching, materials, and lots more.

September 15 – September 21
Brooklin, Maine
Ann Brayton
Experience Level
All Levels
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Ann has been running her very successful canvaswork business out of the family barn in Brooklin, Maine for close to 25 years.  Her reputation as an exceptional canvasworker, specializing in custom interior and exterior boat cushions, brings many of the area boatyards and boat owners to her doorstep each year with orders in hand.  We are fortunate to be able to offer students the chance to work alongside Ann learning the basics of this valuable skill.

Canvaswork is a traditional crafts that has been part of the boat owner’s world for centuries.  Sails, protective covers, seabags, even clothes, were once made of canvas.  These days, the availability of new synthetic fibers has drastically changed the landscape for those producing marine canvaswork, though many techniques remain the same.  Students in this course will learn the in’s and out’s of working with a wide range of materials that are on the market today.

Students will begun the week learning to use the industrial sewing machines we’ll have on hand for the course, followed by an introduction to the various fabrics and foams available to the canvasworker.  We’ll then look at the other tools of the trade, and learn how to install grommets, zippers, and other fastenings.  The course will cover how to make various styles of boat cushions ranging from simple cockpit cushions to beveled V-berth cushions.  As time permits, students will learn to make other useful canvas projects, such as covers, bags, tool rolls, etc.  Everyone will discover the step-by-step procedures in designing a project, choosing materials, and proper cutting and assembling techniques to produce quality work.  Most canvaswork projects involve simple sewing techniques that are easy to master with plenty of practice, even if you’ve never sewn before.  Students are welcome to bring their own projects (and sewing machines) to work on during class, but must discuss their idea with Ann prior to this week.

There is a great deal of satisfaction to be achived from producing your own canvaswork,  not to mention the financial savings involved.  After this week in the loft with Ann, you’ll head home with confidence, a new awareness of working with fabrics, a completed project or two, and a seabag full of new skills.

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