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Introduction to Building Model Boats

Building the Yankee Tender Skiff

July 7 – July 13
Brooklin, Maine
Reuben Brown
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Do you look at model boats on display and wish you could build one?  Maybe you don’t have the space or tools to build a full-sized boat, (or store another one!)  Scale model boats have fascinated the young and old for centuries.

Master Modeler Reuben Brown will walk you through every step of building the Yankee Tender, one of WoodenBoat’s most popular model kits.  The model is based on an Asa Thompson flat-bottomed skiff that WoodenBoat modified back in the 1980’s.  The kit is an exact 1 ½” = 1’ scale replica of the full-sized boat.  The parts that go into the model are identical to those in the full-sized skiff.  The kit includes full-sized model boat plans and scaled-down wood (not cut to shape), including material for a building jig and display stand.  Everything else needed to build the boat, except for some basic tools, is provided and included in the materials fee.  Everyone will follow along with Rueben, but still work at their own pace.  If time allows, there will be some paint and varnish, along with a discussion about how to finish you model.

Full-sized flat-bottomed skiffs will be going together in other classes this week and you will have the ability to compare your model and it’s building techniques to the real thing!

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