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Concepts of Boat Design

A hands-on primer in bringing your design ideas to life

August 25 – August 31
Brooklin, Maine
Clint Chase
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All Levels
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This is a five-day class ending Friday.

This new course will take you through the basic of designing a simple boat of your choosing using sketching, traditional hand drafting techniques with splines and ships curves, and basic calculations to refine the design into a well performing boat. We will draw, build scale physical models, andyou will see how a computer model can be made at the end of the class.

As the week unfolds so will your understanding of the design process which consists of Developing the idea – Anyone taking this course has dreamed about the perfect boat, to begin with we will develop an operational scenario that feeds into a list of objectives for your boat. Concept design – the concept design phase will develop preliminary sketches to satisfy the objectives and satisfy the hydrostatic principles to ensure that your boat will perform as desired. Design – Starting with your concept design, refine the design into a buildable boat that has both the aesthetic and technical correctness for a successful boat. Three-dimensional model – build a cardboard model of your design so you will be able to view your creation as it will actually look when built. Computer design – Finally there will be a demonstration of how to transition your design into Rhino, the computer software used by many professional designers.

You do not need to have any experience in design to take this class but it does help if you have looked at some boat plans and studied various sorts of designs available. This course will be an excellent lead into other design classes at the School, including the Computer Design course also taught by Clint Chase.

David Wyman will be assisiting Clint with this course.

David is a professional engineer and boat designer from Castine, Maine. He has had a lifelong fascination with all types of boats, with a particular interest in small traditional row/paddle/sail boats of which he has designed and built a variety for himself and others. His professional career has included designs for new construction, restoration, replicas and surveys of both large and small boats and everything in between. David and Clint have been collaborating for a couple years on several boat designs as well as Coast Guard compliance and documentation for small craft. David was deeply involved in hosting the Downeast TSCA’s Small Reach Regatta. He is also lead boat builder at The Wilson Museum’s Living History days.

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