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Building the Caravelle Skiff in the Bronx

A light, fast seaworthy rowboat anyone can build.

February 9 – February 11
Rocking the Boat, The Bronx, New York
Clint Chase
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During this three-day session at Rocking the Boat in the South Bronx, noted designer, boatbuilder and kit-boat entrepreneur Clint Chase will lead participants in the assembly of a pair of 14-foot-long Caravelle Skiffs. In addition to gaining experience with contemporary plywood-epoxy building techniques, participants will have the satisfaction of helping to assemble a fleet of versatile lightweight rowing craft for use in free community boating programs in New York City.

The Caravelle Rower is a light, fast, seaworthy small rowboat that can be built by the first time boat builder and moved around with a light trailer, cartop or the bed of a pickup. The Caravelle was designed to be a sleeker more graceful rowboat than her predecessor which had the same hull shape as the Caravelle sailing version, only with a different layout. With her graceful sheer and classic proportions, the Caravelle is as beautiful as she is seaworthy. Her safety and versatility comes from being able to row solo or tandem and with built-in flotation she can be self-rescued making her a choice for people wanting to get into open water or camp cruise.

LOA 14’4” | LWL 11’8” | Beam (max) 47.5” | Beam (wl) 36” Depth amidships 13” | Capacity 500 lbs ppl, boat, gear PPI 145 | Cp 0.57


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