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John Karbott

John Karbott spent most of his childhood along the beaches and waterfront of Plymouth, Massachusetts, watching commercial lobster boats and occasionally catching a ride on one. He dreamt that someday he would have his own. During high school he purchased an old wooden skiff and a few traps, and joined the crowd. While in school, he lobstered and raked sea moss during the summer season and worked odd jobs throughout the winter. He graduated from Boston’s Wentworth Institute with an Associate Degree in Architectural Engineering, but boats and the water were his first loves. John spent the next 30 or so years, lobstering commercially in the Plymouth/Cape Cod area. After owning and maintaining wooden boats all his life, he decided to pursue that career full time and sold his successful lobstering business. John now keeps busy building boat and doing boat repairs in southeastern Massachusetts, mostly of the lobster boat style/design.