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Dillon Majoros

Dillon Majoros started learning how to sail when he was a wee lad on the coastal waters of New England. He’s logged thousands of miles in everything from high-performance racing dinghies to two-masted schooners, yet he still manages to run aground in the Chesapeake with embarrassing frequency. He’s been drawing boats since he could hold a pencil. Big ones and small ones, fast ones and slow ones, but always—on the corner of some notebook, the back of a receipt—inexpensive ones. He refined his work through the Design Program at The Landing School of Boatbuilding and Design, and began his professional career with Michael Peters Yacht Design in Sarasota, Florida. Mike taught him how to design for production, and Florida introduced Dillon to skinny-water sailing. Toward the end of his tenure at MPYD, Dillon teamed up with a few childhood pals and built a 30’ long, skin-on-frame proa with a $1,500 budget to sail in the first Race to Alaska event. Though he didn’t quite make the start, he still enjoyed a 1,000-mile, month-long cruise through the Strait of Georgia up to Desolation Sound. This little adventure helped him land his dream job as a designer for Chesapeake Light Craft. Through CLC, Dillon loves to share his enthusiasm for small craft, whether on the water with first-time sailors or in the classroom building boats and campers. Dillon and his partner, Jessie, spend their free time volunteering with the Station North Tool Library and working on their house—a 1981, 40’ Freedom cat-ketch—in Baltimore, Maryland.