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Cricket Rust

CRICKET RUST has been running rivers since the age of eight and has more than fifty Grand Canyon trips under her belt in paddle rafts, rowing rafts, and wooden dories. She is Shop Foreman at Fretwater Boatworks, where she has worked for nine years. She has been instrumental in the design and building Grand Canyon Dories of several sizes, as well as historic replicas of Colorado River craft. Her skills include design and lofting, construction and restoration, oarmaking and bronze casting, painting and hand-lettering, and training new apprentices. She has instructed at Fretwater Boatworks and WoodenBoat School. Her patience, thoroughness, and ability to explain a process in myriad ways have helped even the most timid students to learn new skills. She is currently finishing her first book, Building Doryaks and Other River Craft—a step-by-step guide to the journey from a confusing set of numbers to a glorious whitewater boat. The book is due out in 2023.