Important Registration Information - 2024 Registration

Andy Nadolny

Originally from Michigan, Andy Nadolny built his first boat when he was 14 and taught himself how to sail. During that time, Andy and his father would visit the construction of a Mackinaw boat being built in Michigan. A lifelong love of the sea ensued, and he recently retired from a 41-year career in the Coast Guard. His search for a retirement boat brought him to Maine and The Apprenticeshop. During his first visit here, The Apprenticeshop was in the process of building a Mackinaw boat. This was a sure sign that he belonged here! Andy and his wife Sarah fell in love with the excellent sailing grounds the area has to offer and the self-reliant attitude and organic focus of Mainers. They have recently moved off their sailboat and currently live in the house they built in Lincolnville. Andy has a 100-ton Masters Near Coastal license.