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Pond Yacht Restoration

Restore/complete your own pond yacht and get it ready for sailing or display.

July 14 – July 20
Brooklin, Maine
$61 + Materials for your specific project
John Stoudt
Experience Level
Activity Level

This is a six-day course ending Saturday

There are various models and pond yachts out in the world in need of repair or restoration. The boat may have been a family heirloom, a model you found in an antique shop or at a flea market, or a project that you began but couldn’t find time to complete. If you happen to have such a boat, this week with John Stoudt will present you with the opportunity to evaluate your model and determine a plan for its restoration and completion. The work might include repairing a damaged hull, building a new rig, making fittings, repairing a vane gear, getting the electronics working, installing new electronics, or re-rigging the boat. An unfinished boat could have a planked deck built and installed, hatch openings framed, hatches built and fitted, spars constructed, electronics installed and set up, or the rig built and installed. A display and travel stand could also be built. And there may even be the chance to establish a waterline and paint the model to your specifications.

Students may bring any type of pond yacht, especially those rigged for remote control. Some older self-steering boats could be reconfigured for remote control sailing or the self-steering mechanism could be repaired. If you have any questions about the boat or model you have, you can contact the instructor through the WoodenBoat School office.

John Stoudt will consult with each student prior to the course to develop an understanding of your boat and plan of work. Together you will determine what materials and supplies you will need to bring along and what John will make available. He will have other materials and parts on hand for the unexpected. A final plan for the restoration and/or completion of your boat will be established on the first day of class. Each morning, the students and John will evaluate where they are, how they have progressed, and how to proceed. Come spend a week at WoodenBoat School and develop a passion for models that is both fun and rewarding!

  • Who is this course best suited for?

    This course is appropriate for students with some knowledge and experience.  Basic knowledge and use of hand tools is required for most shop courses.

    This course involves a low level of activity throughout the week including: occasional standing and working, seating is usually available, working on your own project at your own pace is common.

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