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Build Your Own Apprentice Tool Chest

Learn basic joinery through a useful, fun project.

July 21 – July 27
Brooklin, Maine
Joel Senger
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So, you’ve bought a few hand tools, maybe even taken an introductory woodworking class here at the school or elsewhere. If you’re ready to take your new woodworking skills to the next level, this course is for you.
Students will spend the week learning basic joinery by building a simple tool chest from a set of plans. No dovetails here! The box will be joined with more practical joinery that can be accomplished with either stationary power tools or a few specialty hand planes. Throughout the project, you will be shown several ways to accomplish each step and have a chance to try out the hand and power tools yourself, allowing you to test which might suit you better. Everyone will learn how to read basic plans and transfer that information into a simple lidded Pine chest that can then be customized to suit your specific use. (It happens to be a perfect size to carry your tools to place like the boat school!)
The project is not unlike many tool chests built by carpentry and boatbuilding apprentices of the past. The skills learned building the chest will serve you well as you continue your hobby, and the chest itself will serve as an appropriate storage vessel for your growing tool collection. While everyone will build the same chest – details such as handles, finish and the design of inside storage are left to the student.

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