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I would like to say that I have never taken a course where absolutely everybody involved was as friendly and helpful as here at your school. Everyone from the kitchen staff, waterfront and shop crews, to the instructors was professional and sincerely courteous. I look forward to returning for another course. Thanks!”

T.L., Charlotte, Tennessee

This was one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve ever had on a vacation. The course was challenging, yet achievable. The immersive experience was a welcoming and relaxing break from my work-a-day routine. I will have memories to cherish for as long as I have memories. Working alongside my son and a group of diverse people from places far and wide was a rewarding experience. Thank you.”

D.G., Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Your BUILDING THE LUMBER YARD SKIFF course met and exceeded every expectation I had going in. You have an outstanding facility and I was impressed with how everything is so well maintained. Your staff is superb, friendly, and always ready to help and our instructor, Walter Barron, was excellent.”

J.F., East Boothbay, Maine

You and your staff are a thoroughly professional and dedicated group of people, and it is a privilege to be associated with your school. As always, your entire housekeeping, kitchen, shop, and waterfront staff, along with your instructors, were an example of the best in human endeavor, and we students were very fortunate to have such good care.”

P.M., Winston-Salem, North Carolina

I really want to congratulate you on running a fantastic school and for giving our family such a memorable time during Family Week. We truly enjoyed working with our teacher, John Harris. Many thanks to all your staff from the waterfront to the shop and to the kitchen and housekeeping. Everyone worked hard to make our experience so enjoyable.”

P.L., Weston, Massachusetts

This place is my personal Mecca!”

R.H., Folly Beach, South Carolina

Everything was as close to perfect as it gets!”

D.H., Buenos Aires, Argentina

I had a wonderful week and didn’t want it to end. To be able to build 2 beautiful boats in a great shop surrounded by all the beauty on the Maine coast was the best week I’ve had in a long time. Better than dying and going to heaven!”

D.T., Douglas, Massachusetts

As usual, your course on diesel engines exceeded my already high expectations. My knowledge of engines increased about 500% and the interaction with Jon Bardo and my classmates was delightful!”

J.S., Severna Park, Maryland

Building my own kayak was a very rewarding and gratifying experience. It is beautiful! I just want to extend a heartfelt thanks to everyone. I had an awesome time and would take another course in a heartbeat.”

N.P., Brick, New Jersey

I hope this place and how it runs never changes. Thank you so much for an amazing experience!”

M.V.B., Hong Kong, China

Greg Rossel is truly an outstanding teacher. It was a privilege to have access to his experience, knowledge of boats, and insight. It was an extremely enjoyable 2 weeks.”

C.B., Consecon, Ontario, Canada

Your entire staff was very friendly and my first experience at WoodenBoat School will leave me waiting to come back in the future and endorsing this experience to many of my friends. Thanks for a wonderful time!”

V.P., Stonington, Maine

Thanks for another great time and rewarding experience at WoodenBoat School!”

D. N., Clearwater, Florida

This was one of the best experiences of my life!”

T.B., Virginia Beach, Virginia

Overall, an incredible experience! A very well run operation that gives students a wonderful vacation and amazing learning experience all at the same time.”

C.P., Osgoode, Ontario, Canada

This last week ranks as one of the best vacations I’ve ever shared with my son. Every day was an adventure on the water. We learned far more than we expected about sailing, navigation, and seamanship. Hans Vierthaler is an excellent instructor who shared his vast knowledge easily and who made learning enjoyable. Thanks again for a wonderful time.”

J.H., Barre, Vermont

WoodenBoat School is a mental health break for me. I learn from my instructors and classmates, see old friends, make new ones, and always go home with new ideas and skills, no matter what the course. Thanks for all that you do to make it work so well.”

D.J., Surry, Maine

I think the unique culture of WoodenBoat School is wonderful. It is great to spend a week of concentrated time with people of all ages, from all walks of life, who share the same passion.”

G.F., New York, New York

A great experience! Keep it up and don’t change a thing.”

G.M., Springfield, Missouri

Great experience, wonderful people!”

S.K., Maumelle, Arkansas

WoodenBoat School is like being handed a big gift box on Sunday evening. Once we untie the ribbons and lay back the tissue paper, all we have to do is enjoy everything the gift inside has to offer. It’s magical!”

C.S., Chester Springs, Pennsylvania

This was the best experience I’ve had in my entire life! Thank you.”

C.S., Augusta, Georgia

It was a real pleasure to work with your entire staff who were always available for assistance or advice. It was an interesting and exciting two weeks.”

J.B.M, Saint Muir, France

The entire experience exceeded all my expectations. First-class! Thanks.”

M.H., Chestertown, Maryland

This was my first time to WoodenBoat School and I was thoroughly charmed by this place and all the students, instructors, and staff. I will definitely encourage others to come. Thanks for everything!”

E.G., Warwick, Bermuda

Your staff is very professional and courteous. I appreciated how they all worked together to make my stay so comfortable.”

B.K., Exeter, Rhode Island

It’s terrific to spend time among so many adults of mutual interest and to be trusted as competent, responsible, intelligent adults by your school and its staff. Had an exceptional time!”

J.L., Louisville, Kentucky

It is an amazing experience to be at your place. The first person that I met when I arrived said to me, ‘It’s not about getting the class project completed, it’s about spending time with quality people.’ I didn’t realize that, truly, until after I left as I reflected on my experience on the drive back home. WoodenBoat School is a great place with special people. One can make friends for a lifetime in just one short week. I am very grateful for the time spent there and for the entire experience. I couldn’t have asked for more.”

J.O., Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania

I’d been trying to get to WoodenBoat School for 25 years and still my experience was better, richer, and just more enjoyable than I ever could have imagined. Thanks to you and your whole staff! .”

B.T., Salt Point, New York

This has been one of the most enjoyable times in memory. When you put together the level of creative minds and skilled hands in this beautiful Maine setting, it’s magical. I feel I have new friends in Brooklin and around the world thanks to WoodenBoat School. I’ll be back but it won’t be soon enough.”

B.C., Natick, Massachusetts

In a nutshell, everything about WoodenBoat School has been top shelf – the people, food, location, accommodations, my sail making course – everything has been better than I could have ever hoped for.”

R.O., Marshall, Michigan

My experience at WoodenBoat School has been exceptional. I wish I had the time and budget to take almost every course listed in your program. The school and its personnel are a true treasure.”

R.L., South Dennis, Massachusetts

Everything was wonderful. You have put a lot of thought into your program and you’ve definitely got it right! A very, very enjoyable week.”

C.N., Toronto, Canada

It was a truly phenomenal experience that, after only a week, instilled me with renewed enthusiasm for sailing, a boatload of memories, and many, many new friends. Thank you.”

D.A., Ashburnham, Massachusetts

You make a cohesive product out of disparate people who are way out of their element in a wholly welcoming, entirely comfortable, never condescending manner. And routinely blowing people’s minds. It is uncommon to see anyone do it as well as your team does. Very, very uncommon. Your passion is contagious. A class act in a class of its own. I’ll be back.”

B.D., Flagstaff, Arizona

Thank you for making my experience here so grand! I’ve met so many different and incredible people who all share a common goal of doing something they’ve always dreamed about. It has been one of the best experiences of my life.”

R.B., Enfield, Connecticut

Thank you very much for an amazing experience. This is truly a special place. I couldn’t have felt more comfortable or better fed. And above all, I feel confident that I can head home and start my first boat.”

J.B., Draper, Virginia

I do not believe any group or organization could be more coordinated, organized, and eager to serve their customers. Thank you for an excellent experience!”

H.B., St, Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

The trust which was placed in us and our abilities to work in your shops and use your incredible waterfront was extraordinary… fact, very unique, in my experience. Thank you so much.”

B.Z., Florence, Massachusetts

It has been a most pleasant and educational two weeks. I look forward to coming again.. Many thanks to your whole staff.”

C.D., Duncan, British Columbia, Canada

Thank you all for being so generous and understanding. WoodenBoat School is such an amazing experience and offers fantastic opportunities to so many people. I will return!”

S.W., Charleston, South Carolina

Thank you for your time and willingness to share your facility and knowledge with so many students. An outstanding program! I’m really looking forward to attending more courses in the future.”

T.T., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This experience has been as close to perfect as I could imagine. Just the right atmosphere—informal but business-like. Lots of time to meet and talk with other students and instructors. I don’t remember a conversation that wasn’t both fun and useful.”

D.R., Lexington, Kentucky

One word comes to mind for this entire experience—‘genuine’. Thanks for all your hard work, courtesy, and professionalism.”

M.S., Knoxville, Tennessee

To paraphrase a popular slogan, ‘If you’re lucky enough to be a student or guest of WoodenBoat School, you’re lucky enough!’ The world is quickly evolving and changing but WoodenBoat School continues to be a magical place. Hold on tight to what you have here.end quote

C.S., Chester Springs, Pennsylvania


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