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Multihull Seamanship

A week’s education under sail on a 40′ trimaran.

Tuition: $800

Note: This is a five-day course ending Friday evening. Previous sailing experience is required for this course.

multihull boat

Multihulls have been around for thousands of years and were the favored means of transportation, trading, and exploration for much of the world. These days, they are enjoyed by day-sailors, liveaboards, coastal and offshore cruisers, and racers. For many, a well-designed multihull has various advantages over monohulls and makes more sense. Multihulls are much lighter for a given length, possess a much greater overall beam for stability, usually draw less water, and can travel greater distances in a shorter period of time. An ease of handling and comfort under way make the multihull a favorite among numerous bluewater sailors.

We are very excited to offer students a chance to spend a week sailing with Larry Fortunoff on board HYBEAA, his beautiful 40’ John Marples–designed trimaran. After building HYBEAA himself, Larry has been sailing, cruising, and offering occasional charters for the past 25 years throughout the Eastern Seaboard and Caribbean.

You can anticipate lots of sailing this week. HYBEAA performs well in a light or strong breeze. In the mornings when we’re waiting for the winds to kick up, Larry will lead discussions in multihull design considerations, sailing techniques, navigation, safety, rigging, cruising, anchoring, and general seamanship strategies on multihulls. Once underway, the class will participate in setting the sails, reefing, sail trim, steering under sail and leaving and returning to moorings and the school’s float under power on this 28’ wide vessel. You’ll also practice Bahamian anchoring.

Whether you’re considering owning or chartering one of these vessels or simply want to savor a unique sailing experience, come join Larry and share his excitement for sailing HYBEAA.


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