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Principles and practices; tools and traditional techniques.

Tuition: $850

Materials: $90

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Beyond its obvious value to such people as boatyard workers and bluewater cruisers, a working knowledge of good rigging is useful and enjoyable, sometimes even crucial, for anyone involved with boats. This week with Pete Marshall, professional boatbuilder and rigger from Bainbridge Island, Washington, will prove indispensable to all those interested in gaining a fuller appreciation of rigging design and layout along with many do-it-yourself rigging operations. From splicing to mooring lines, from leather chafe protection to mast tuning, from fixing deck hardware to inspecting and maintaining a rig, students will have plenty of “hands-on” opportunities to come away with a broader understanding of rigging.

Rigging photo

Pete’s course will be based on a thorough discussion of traditional rigging design and layout. It will lean toward the traditional rig with some modern concepts added to the mix. Using WoodenBoat School’s fleet, along with boats in neighboring Center Harbor, you’ll examine and inspect a variety of rigs. A wide assortment of rigging tools, wire, line, and hardware will be used and compared, and students will be kept busy throughout the week practicing splicing, serving, seizing, and a variety of useful knots. At the conclusion of this week, all participants will have a better understanding of marlinespike seamanship and how to create safe and effective rigging.

Pete Marshall is an excellent teacher. Professional with a tremendous knowledge base with the patience of a saint. Your RIGGING course was very informative and enjoyable.”
B.D., Flagstaff, Arizona