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Metalworking for the Boatbuilder & Woodworker

A survey of tools and techniques.

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Tuition: $825

Materials fee: $155

This highly useful course will provide students the opportunity to review and practice various metalworking techniques for copper alloys and stainless steel, geared toward assisting the professional or amateur woodworker and/or boatbuilder in fabricating or repairing metal parts needed for their projects. We will briefly look at types of metal used in the marine environment and their properties and uses, and review tools and techniques to work them in simple ways without the need to set up a fancy metal studio in that spare corner of your shop or garage.

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Techniques covered will include silver brazing, soldering, drilling and tapping, forming, and finishing methods, as well as heat-treating for toolmaking. Suggested class projects will be to start and finish your own forged bronze and tool-steel scribe/marking tool to use in class, and a pair of bronze chart dividers and/or a small bevel gauge. Students may also bring marine-related parts to repair or fabricate (with advanced approval), or just practice.

No previous experience is necessary. This is a chance to clarify metalworking questions, and start building the skills and confidence to gain that satisfying feeling from being able to repair, replace, or custom-make your own deck and hull fittings, cabin hardware, tools, or beautiful accessories and gizmos. Materials will be included for the suggested class projects. Students will have the option to purchase other materials at the start of class if desired.

Erica Moody was fantastic. She was so encouraging and resourceful. If she didn’t know about something she would immediately go and find out. A very enjoyable course!”
E.P., Rothesay, New Brunswick, Canada
I enjoyed METALWORKING FOR THE BOATBUILDER & WOODWORKER and my time here so much. One of the reasons I signed up for this course was because of Erica Moody. Women instructors, especially in the trades, is often a better experience for women students. Erica is a wonderful and very patient instructor!”
L.V.H., Brighton, Ontario, Canada