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Marine & Seascape Photography

Traditional black-and-white film and digital photography.

Tuition: $825

Materials: $53

Note: Students will need to bring a traditional film or digital camera, film, tripod, and examples of previous work. This is a five-day course ending Friday evening.

Once upon a time, black-and-white was the only means we had to communicate with our cameras. For many of us, black-and-white is how we started off in photography, and how we saw images in print. A number of photographers still consider black-and-white to be the purest form of photography. It forces the viewer to see the image rather than the color.

Black & white photo

Shooting black-and-white photographs is in many ways different than shooting in color. There is much more contrast in black-and-white. Shapes and shades become more important. Each day, with guidance from your instructor, internationally renowned photographer Michael Kahn, you’ll learn to capture images using the building blocks for successful black-and-white photography--texture, tonal contrast, shape, form, pattern, and lighting. The coast of Maine is abundant with unlimited strong photographic opportunities and will provide a wealth of photogenic material.

Each day, Michael will lead participants on a photography shoot for a few hours in the morning, followed by discussions on Michael’s work. He will share his knowledge on lighting, contrast, composition, equipment, film, processing, printing and more as these topics pertain to black-and-white boat, seascape, and landscape photography. Discussions will also include the work of famous traditional photographers like Beken of Cowes and Rosenfeld of Mystic, as well as discourses of the wooden boats themselves.

Black & white photo

Following lunch is another few hours of shooting, and an hour of questions and student work critiques. Shooting locations will include the WoodenBoat waterfront and workshops, Babson Island, Center Harbor, Benjamin River, the Blue Hill reversing falls, and the beautiful town of Stonington.

The goal of this week is to help you capture and create a strong image for black-and-white, and then develop and use a consistent and reliable workflow. “Seeing and thinking” in black-and-white is a very common difficulty for photographers. After this course, you’ll be up for the challenge!