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Advanced Cold-Molded Construction

Exploring concepts, new materials, and challenging projects.

September 17 – September 23
Brooklin, Maine
Mike Moros
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This is a six-day course ending on Saturday

For years now, many students of our Introduction to Cold-Molding Construction class have been asking for a follow-up – a part two. This year we are happy to announce that instructor, Mike Moros, has put together a curriculum to help folks expand their knowledge and skills of this exciting and flexible method of building strong, lightweight wooden boat hulls and structures.

The basic cold-molded construction method is accessible to most anyone using simple tools, clamps, and weights to hold parts together until cured. In order to develop more complex shapes and build highly engineered structures, additional skills and equipment and sometimes more exotic reinforcing fabrics are required. This course will examine the use of special cloth weaves, carbon fiber cloth, G10, carbon fiber parts fabrication, and epoxy vacuum-bagged infusion. The project boat for the week is a 19ft, partially built, sailboat hull. Students will lay and vacuum-bag 2 layers of wood veneers, fair the hull, and vacuum-bag the reinforcing cloth. Side jobs will illustrate parts fabrication and infusion.

This course is designed for students who have previously taken our Intro to Cold-Molding course, or who have basic, industry experience in cold-molding. This course in not meant to be your first exposure to cold-molding techniques.

  • Who is this course best suited for?

    This course is appropriate for students with intermediate knowledge and skills.  Confidence in using hand and power tools is required and previous experience is recommended. 

    This course involves a high level of activity throughout the week Including: sustained sanding or hand planing, standing and working most of the day, working on group projects that require participation.

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