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Introduction to Woodworking

Understanding wood and woodworking techniques with an emphasis on hand tool usage.

Wood working in the shop

Tuition: $850

Materials: $63

Over the years we’ve seen individuals arrive on our campus to participate in a boatbuilding class who have little or no woodworking experience. They often feel intimidated when picking up a tool to use for the first time, especially in a setting where there are accomplished woodworkers working alongside. We know for a fact that individuals who do possess previous hand tool experience have the potential to gain so much more from our boatbuilding classes.

This introductory course offers a place for folks of all skill levels to learn from seasoned craftspeople like Bill and Libby, who combined, have over 40 years of experience teaching woodworking.

Wood working in the shop

Each day, Bill and Libby will cover numerous lessons in tool selection and capabilities; hand tool usage and maintenance; tool sharpening; proper layout procedures; shop safety; power tools; and lots of woodworking techniques that will serve you well in future endeavors. Everyone will also learn a lot about wood itself, how it works, and what to look for in selecting a species for a particular purpose. Glues, epoxy, and fastenings will be covered as well. The focus of the entire week will be introducing students to the tools and techniques common to all types of woodworking and joinery, in addition to a look at boat-related projects. Each student will undertake the design and construction of their own tool box during this week.

Whether you have had some type of formal woodworking experience or have never had the opportunity to try your hand with woodworking tools, you will gain much from this course with Bill Thomas. This week will prove to be an excellent preparation for a basic boatbuilding course or for your own home projects. It’s also a great opportunity to work alongside a very talented craftsmen who has plenty to share.

Bill Thomas is a sterling individual. Very knowledgeable, approachable, and patient. I look forward to future friendship and courses with Bill and WoodenBoat School.”
P.C., Columbus, Ohio
Bill Thomas is a top-notch instructor; very kind, thoughtful and made the course most enjoyable.”
A.C., Northampton, Massachusetts