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Build Your Own Wooden Surfboard

Surfboard construction

Work with the crew of Grain Surfboards to produce your very own high-performance board.

Tuition: $800 (partner: $400)

Materials: $1,003

Note: This is a five-day course ending Friday evening.


Surf’s up at WoodenBoat School! You are invited to join Mike and Matt of Grain Surfboards as they will guide you through the step-by-step process of building your very own high-performing, lightweight, hollow wooden surfboard. Materials include Maine-grown, sustainably harvested northern white cedar and zero-VOC bio-based epoxy resin. These materials, combined with Grain’s 12 years of experience helping people build their own boards, ensures that each board that leaves this course will be a beautiful one-of-a-kind surfboard guaranteed to last a lifetime.

The crew at Grain is always finding new ways to pack more stuff into these classes with innovations in design, construction, and materials which makes this experience great for surfers and non-surfers alike. Build a board for yourself, a son or daughter, or a friend! Students can choose from any one of the 11 board models that Grain offers as a HomeGrown kit.

The list of board models to choose from:

Leaf — Paipo Bellyboard Seed — Fin
Waka — Fish Pandan — Funshape
Mister Simmons Sapling — Funshape
Mini Simmons Steamer — Mini Longboard
Biscot — Egg Root — Longboard
Wherry — Fish Waterlog — Longboard

See www.grainsurfboards.com for more information.

In this course, students will explore basic surfboard design concepts; the simple application of steam to manipulate wood into shapes; adhesive applications; elements of edge-tool work and use of other traditional hand tools; fiberglassing; and the effective, safe use of epoxy. Mike and Matt will also arrange ’glassing demonstrations in the evenings to help students with the techniques they will use in ’glassing their board at home. Day one will have you assembling your board’s internal frame and gluing it down to the bottom planks using a custom rocker table. Day two will be spent establishing the outline of the board by laying down and gluing the chine log and first few rail strips. The remaining three days you’ll be building up the rails, installing blocking for hardware, attaching the top planks, and finally shaping and sanding your board. By the end of Friday, you’ll have your very own board ready to ’glass!


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