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Finishing Out Small Boats

Creating neat woodwork and joinerwork.

Tuition: $800

Small boat details

Note: Previous woodworking experience is a requirement for this course. This is a six-day course ending Saturday afternoon.

Here’s a week that promises to be a fulfilling and challenging one, with plenty of opportunity to learn--with brains and hands--how to build the intricate parts and finish out small open boats. The joinerwork of a small boat is particularly exacting because there is nowhere to hide slipshod work--no burying rough joints under decks or in cabinetry. John will teach you how to make elegant parts and gorgeous, tight-fitting joints for a boat you’ll be proud to varnish.

The course is designed to be a follow-up to some of our plywood/epoxy hull building classes and very useful to anyone completing a small boat. Many of the skills and techniques you acquire can be transferred to big boats as well. Your instructor will start the week describing how to organize a project as complicated as a boat. Students will learn how to work from boat plans, drawings, or the lofting board. John will explain the versatility of various types of patterns and show you how to make them, as well as how to use them.

In the shop photo

You’ll learn about making curved parts such as a laminated outer stem and steam-bent floorboard frames. John will demonstrate methods for measuring and layout in the hull to accurately position interior parts and pieces. He’ll also explain how to accurately scribe and fit parts such as the breasthook, quarter knees, and bulkheads. And you’ll learn how to use epoxy and other glues and bedding compound; and to become familiar with woodworking in three dimensions with no right angles in sight.

Working both at the bench and in the boat, you’ll refine your skills with a wide array of boatbuilding tools, from planes, spokeshaves, scrapers, and chisels to the tablesaw, bandsaw, and router.

Throughout the week, John will be showing you many tricks, tips, and jigs that make each job easier and faster, as well as look better and help you make a boat beautiful and truly yours.

John Brooks is an outstanding teacher and motivator. After just one week working with John I have more confidence to complete my current boat project at home. He challenged me and, as a result, my woodworking ability rose.”
M.T., Haymarket, Virginia


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