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Build Your Own Plank-Constructed Pond Yacht

A Vintage Marblehead-Class Pond Yacht designed for radio control.

Tuition: $875

Material Cost:

  • Pond Yacht I — $385, includes CNC cut molds, strongback, keelson, planking, fin, and rudder.
  • Pond Yacht II — $169, includes material to finish the boat other than sails, fittings, and electronics.

Note: This is a six-day course ending Saturday afternoon.

Pond yacht construction in the shop

In this course each student will build his/her own pond yacht. This type of small boat originated in 1932 using minimal design requirements of 50″ LOA and 800 sq in of sail. The class is still actively sailed today under the guidance of the U.S. Vintage Model Yacht Group. When fully rigged the boat is over 7′ tall, which makes it quite impressive from shore. The boat can be easily dismantled for transport.

Pond yachts sailing

The course boat NORUMBEGA was designed by Thom McLaughlin, and its name is derived from the Downeast area of Maine where WoodenBoat School is located. Construction of this pond yacht will pleasantly challenge and inform students in planking practices similar to those used in building full-sized boats. Students will make decisions based on blueprints and developing an eye for form. During this week, the boat will be planked, faired, and the fin and rudder will be fabricated. Bruce will also discuss the steps that follow to complete the boat — decking, rigging, electronic installation, and painting.

Students who have started construction of their model in previous years at WoodenBoat School are also welcome to participate in this course to finish their boat. This week will be an excellent opportunity for further guidance. This will also allow those just beginning their boat to view firsthand the final steps in construction.

This was one of the best experiences of my life!”
T.B., Virginia Beach, Virginia