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Making sense of all those lines and numbers.

Tuition: $800

Materials: $53

Note: This is a five-day course ending Friday afternoon.

Without question, lofting is an essential skill for the boatbuilder. Once you’ve mastered it, you can at least start to build any boat for which there are plans. Moreover, you’re going to be able to interpret plans and better comprehend the shape of the vessel, and what the building process will be. Also without question, learning lofting can be intimidating and/or frustrating. Lofting is complex, and there are numerous ways to go about it. Lofting takes time and concentration, and a good teacher really helps (see WoodenBoat Nos. 110 and 111).

Greg thoroughly understands and enjoys lofting; and he has taught it repeatedly and in a variety of settings. He has a clear idea of how to present it, and how to help you master it. In this week you’ll discuss the written material that Greg has developed, build half models, and—in teams—loft several small craft. We have a couple of boats in mind, but it is also possible that some students in the course can bring in their own plans (call us).


Tables of offsets, diagonals, buttock lines—all will be demystified and will become for you the wonderful tools they are for understanding, discussing, and building boats. By the end of the week, you should be able to visualize, lay down, and talk boat plans with the best of them. This course is meant to dovetail with the two-week FUNDAMENTALS OF BOATBUILDING courses, three of which Greg will also teach, and in which one of the lofted boats will probably be started. If there is time, you’ll also take lines off a classic round-bottomed boat and draw up a set of lines.

Your course on LOFTING fully met my expectations. It gives all the skills necessary to be able to loft a boat, build it, and it definitely opens up a world of better understanding boat designs and shapes. Greg Rössel is exceptional!”
C.P., Osgoode, Ontario, Canada
It was a great pleasure to meet Greg Rössel and work/learn under his supervision. Thank you very much for a wonderful two weeks. Job well done!”
S.K., Vladivostok, Russia
Greg Rössel is probably one of the best teachers I’ve ever encountered over many years of education. Bravo for an excellent course on lofting.”
M.S., Jamaica, New York


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