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Introduction to Boat Modeling

A step-by-step guide to building boat and ship models.

Tuition: $850

Material Cost: $157

Note: This is a five-day course ending Friday evening.

Boat Model

How often have you laid your eyes upon a beautiful boat model and wished that you could turn out such a work of art? In this course students will have the chance to work alongside Al Ross, master modelmaker, and learn just how easy and fun it can be to grasp the skills needed to construct their first models.

For those of us who enjoy things nautical, boat modeling can be a very rewarding activity, whether we build from kits or from scratch. It gives us the opportunity to create a miniature version of our favorite vessel that we can proudly display in our home or office and say, “I built that!” Of course, before you can take on your first model, there are a number of techniques to add to your skill set.

During this weeklong course, you’ll be developing and refining those skills by building a solid hull kit of the YANKEE HERO, an Eastport Pinky. The first day or so will be devoted to discussions of basic modeling techniques and tools, and interpreting plans. Throughout the week, you will have the opportunity to develop and enhance your woodworking, detailing, painting, and rigging skills. In addition to all the hands-on work required with YANKEE HERO, you’ll find out which woods are best for modelmaking, the advantages and disadvantages of certain glues and fillers, how to make and use templates, how to glue up a hull blank, how to work with sheet and strip basswood, and how to work with laser-cut pieces. You will also learn how to strike a waterline, shape masts and spars, and set up a fore-and-aft rig.

But the course’s most important lesson is that the enjoyment and satisfaction of building are what modeling is all about. So, if you’re one of those folks who have been waiting for the right opportunity to get started on that very first model, what better time than this week in Brooklin?

Al Ross has superb skill as an instructor, He presented solid instruction, numerous ‘tricks of the trade’, how to recover from a mistake, and always encouraged each student, all at a comfortable pace. I addition to ‘how to’, I was hoping to receive some modeling strategy and process, and that was very much part of the course.”
J.S., Berwyn, Pennsylvania