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Building Half Models

The practice and pleasure of carving half-hull models.

Tuition: $825

Material Cost: $145 (Wood and one set of plans)

Half hull photo

There are few products of woodworking as exciting to behold as a well-done half model. It reveals the character of the boat it represents at a scale that can be admired at a glance and appreciated for a lifetime. Half models are a wonderful way to remember a boat of the past or dream about one of the future.

Half-hull modeling is both a practical way to enjoy woodworking with limited time and tools, and a tangible way to grasp the intricacies of boat plans. To carve for yourself and mount a half model is to forever capture a design in three dimensions.

In the shop

In this week of hands-on participation, you’ll explore the tools, techniques, and materials for half-model making from lines plans; the woods; the glues; the tools; the paints and varnishes. Students will have access to the extensive model plans collection at the WoodenBoat Store. Eric and Al also encourage folks to bring lines drawings of their own boat or favorite designs.

Besides creating one or two models of your own, you will learn a lot about boat plans and gain a feeling for the long tradition of half-hull modeling—and go home with the ability to build more on your own.

Al Ross has superb skill as an instructor, He presented solid instruction, numerous ‘tricks of the trade’, how to recover from a mistake, and always encouraged each student, all at a comfortable pace. I addition to ‘how to’, I was hoping to receive some modeling strategy and process, and that was very much part of the course.”
J.S., Berwyn, Pennsylvania
Eric Dow was excellent. BUILDING HALF MODELS was awesome! I learned a lot as Eric presented a good blend of helpful hints and techniques but also let us work and figure out things on our own.”
P.R., Bristol, Rhode Island
Eric Dow is great! He not only taught us the various steps in building half models but he also challenged us to think for ourselves and come up with solutions to situations we found ourselves in. Thoroughly enjoyed working alongside him!”
R.G., Adell, Wisconsin