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Interior Boat Joinery

Fitting out a small, open daysailer.

Boat building in the shop.

Tuition: $1,250 (two-week course)

Note: This course will cover a lot of material and be fast-paced. It is not intended to be an introductory woodworking/boatbuilding course. Therefore, previous woodworking and/or boatbuilding experience is required.

You’re building the daysailer of your dreams. The hull has been constructed and popped off the molds and rolled over onto its new cradle. You now find yourself staring into the empty hull contemplating, “What do I do now?” This two-week course with boatbuilder Greg Bauer, focusing on laying out and building a hull’s interior, will shed some light and help you answer that question.

Regardless of how the hull was constructed — whether traditional plank-on-frame, glued lapstrake plywood, strip-planked, or cold-molded — the structure that goes into making a bare hull a finished boat is fairly uniform. The subject boats for this course will be two cold-molded Tom Cat hulls–a William Garden-designed 12′6″ catboat — built here at WoodenBoat School. Throughout the course, Greg and his students will discuss and compare installation methods particular to other types of hull construction.

Boat building in the shop.

Students will fabricate and install centerboard trunks and centerboards, floor timbers, sole beams, sheer clamps, deckbeams, breasthooks, knees, decks, coamings, seats and lockers, rudders and tillers. We’ll also plan for hardware installation, and discuss the rigging and sail plans and how to properly outfit the boat to accommodate for their eventuality.

One of the hulls will be trimmed in oak and the other in mahogany. We’ll compare steam-bending and epoxy laminating for structural and trim components, and explore where each technique is appropriate. Discussions about paint and varnish finishes and how to properly prepare for them will come near the end of the second week.

Greg Bauer, in my opinion, has all the qualities of a great instructor. He has an excellent personality to teach along with knowledge, experience, and patience. He is a serious boatbuilder whose happiness in his craft is evident and he projects this joy for all his students to take in. I’m so glad I got to work with him.”
A.S., Williamsburg, Massachusetts


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