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The Rope & Canvas Sailor

Principles and practices; tools and traditional techniques.

Knots and Ropes

Tuition: $825

Materials fee: $105

Hervey Garrett Smith’s classic 1953 book, The Arts of the Sailor, is the inspiration for Eric Stockinger’s introductory course on traditional rope and canvas work. While many people have an interest in learning how to sew canvas with a sailmaker’s palm and needle, there is little practical instruction available, and even less information on where to find good, modern substitutes for tools and materials once used by sailors aboard tall ship. Here’s a great opportunity to gain some of those skills and plenty of information on knots and ropework, as well.

The week will begin with the fundamentals of palm and needle sewing, discussions of tools and various materials, and basic marlinespike rope work. Students will work on several projects throughout the course. Everyone will make their own ditty bag with a fancy marlinespike handle.

Most “fancy” knots have humble and practical origins aboard ships. Eric will show you how to create useful items that will look good and feel at home on a small wooden boat. Students will make a rope fender, a Monkey’s Fist heaving line, and other small undertakings such as lanyards, mats, Turk’s Heads, bracelets, etc. Eric will also discuss rope-stropped blocks, as well as other options for rigging small boats.

At the conclusion of the week, each student will come away with a good set of basic tools, the knowledge to use them, and, hopefully, the inspiration to take on other projects for their boat or around the house.

Eric Stockinger made ARTS OF THE SAILOR a great week. Looking back, it amazes me how much and how many projects and skills he was able to show us, teach us, and have us practice and complete. I highly recommend this course to everyone!”
T.W., Savannah, Georgia
Eric Stockinger is outstanding. He is a gifted teacher, well-prepared, loves his craft, and managed different levels of student experience and learning speeds perfectly. THE ARTS OF THE SAILOR was an excellent course!”
Vienna, Virginia