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Bronze Casting for Boatbuilders

The process of patternmaking and casting custom hardware.

Photo of casting bronze

Tuition: $850

Materials: $290

If you are a professional or amateur boatbuilder, in a small or large operation, working on traditional or modern craft, power or sail, wood or even plastic, one thing you always have to consider is the matter of hardware. Boatbuilders are often in need of special bronze fittings that are either not available off the shelf or must be cast at great expense.

This course with Mike Saari will introduce the basics of patternmaking, sand molding, and bronze casting. Students will learn how to build an inexpensive furnace and all the tools necessary to cast hot metal using sand-casting technology. Even if you don’t want to do your own casting, you will learn enough about design and patternmaking to minimize the cost of having a commercial foundry make your castings.

Photo of casting bronze

In this hands-on, introductory course, each student will make a pattern of his or her design to cast original hardware from start to finish. Anyone who has ever lost an oarlock will appreciate learning how to make copies of original hardware. Students will learn foundry safety practices and resources for supplies. Last, but not least, students will learn how to finish off their castings.

Mike Saari was great! Knowledgeable, friendly, patient, and very encouraging to each and every one of his students. I had an amazing week!”
P.S., Zionsville, Indiana
Michael Saari is an excellent instructor!”
J.F., Norfolk, Virginia