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Reuben Brown

Born and raised on the mid-coast of Maine, by age ten REUBEN BROWN had already taken his first sailing lesson at the Camden Yacht Club. Seeing that he’d caught the sailing bug, Reuben’s parents bought him a classic wooden turnabout that he sailed whenever the tide was right. Reuben purchased his own first boat in summer of 1997, a 15′, 1935 Cape Cod Nimblet, which he continues to sail today with his two daughters. After graduating with honors from Colby-Sawyer College in 2001 with a fine arts degree in graphic design and studio arts, Reuben began gathering creative experience as a graphic designer, photographer, painter, and printmaker. His apprenticeship with well-known model builder Robert Eddy came to fruition some years later in 2005 after an invitation to assist at the model shop during an open studio tour. Now the principal and successor of Legacy Yacht Models in Camden, Maine, Reuben describes striving for perfection as a passion like no other: “One can always be more precise and so we continue to make improvements. The next yacht model is always better than the one before. This is what I love about being a craftsman”–a passion surpassed only by the pleasure of teaching his daughters the joy of sailing.