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Oar Making in the Bronx

Learn the art of hand-crafting wooden oars at this one-of-a-kind non-profit

February 16 – February 18
Rocking the Boat, The Bronx, New York
Graham McKay
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This is a 3-day course, strating on Friday and ending on Sunday at Rocking the Boat in The Bronx, New York

Graham McKay, executive director of Lowell’s Boat Shop in Amesbury, Massachusetts, will lead this three-day oarmaking clinic at Rocking the Boat headquarters in the South Bronx. The central activity will be the design and construction of a custom set of extra-long (13′ 3″) oars for Rocking the Boat’s recently completed replica of the the American Star, the four-oared gig that defeated a British rival in a famed 1824 match race in New York Harbor. Participants may also elect to make oars for Rocking the Boat’s fleet of smaller boats, or to design and build a set of oars for their own use.

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