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Making Friends with Your Marine Diesel

An introduction to evaluating small marine diesels.

September 22 – September 28
Brooklin, Maine
Jon Bardo
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This is a five-day course ending Friday

Other SessionsJune 2-8

Realizing that the diesel engine powers the world, we are offering this course to provide you an in-depth view of the small marine diesel engine. Despite their apparent complexity, diesels are quite simple machines that can be given an almost indefinite lifespan by painless preventive maintenance techniques and proper operation. Jon Bardo has had over 30 years of experience troubleshooting and rebuilding diesel engines from 16 hp to 2,400 hp, and has tailored a course that will meet the immediate needs of each student and his/her own engine.

During the week, students will be presented with a wide array of hands-on demonstrations and lectures designed to cover the care and repair of the small marine engine. Fuel systems, cooling systems, lubricating systems, electrical systems, exhaust and intake systems, and more will all be explored and thoroughly explained in layman’s terms. Mechanical problems are almost always the result of some human weakness or deficiency, and Jon will create a “survival guide” for owners of diesel-powered watercraft to properly maintain their own power plants and extend the lives of the engines.

You’ll get plenty of grease under your fingernails in this course as your instructor details correct operation of your engine from start-up to shutdown. Students will have a great chance to find out what to look for in troubleshooting common problems, and which repairs you can do yourself and which should be done by a professional mechanic. And if you should need repairs, Jon will teach you how to find and deal with a mechanic, and how to tell if you’re being taken care of or being taken for a ride. If you are one of the many boat owners who are interested in improving your understanding and ability and gaining confidence in dealing with your motor, then come join Jon Bardo for a fascinating look at the marine diesel.

  • Who is this course best suited for?

    This course is appropriate for someone with little or no experience.  The course is designed around the idea that you have not done this before or know very little about the subject.  Students should pay more attention to suggested readings or videos to help familiarize themselves ahead of time.

    This course involves a low level of activity throughout the week including: occasional standing and working, seating is usually available, working on your own project at your own pace is common.

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