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Wood carving photo

Introductory techniques for first-time carvers.

Tuition: $850

Materials: $102

Professional boatbuilder and woodcarver Reed Hayden offers students new to carving a stimulating look at decorative woodcarving during this week. Whether you are a casual hobbyist or a devoted craftsman, this week promises each participant very satisfying results using basic carving tools and woodworking skills.

Wood carving photo

Reed will introduce a variety of carving and woodworking techniques including design and drawing, incised lettering, low and high relief carving, overlays, three-dimensional projects, router work, and gold leafing. All of these procedures will enable students to produce elaborate carvings as well as integrate them into marine and residential applications.

One of the first projects will be a motif sign. Coupled with this exercise will be a decorative carved shell. Both of these projects will help the student develop a “good eye” toward visualizing various shapes and forms. As one’s carving skill and experience develop, so does that “good eye.” Having brought the motif sign to a point where it is ready for paint, students will be encouraged to explore other techniques. These may be incorporated into a project of their own design. Reed will provide plenty of examples of his own work and others for reference.

Wood carving photo

If you’ve ever had the ambition to design and carve, this week might be just what you’ve been waiting for. Complete with design advice, tool and wood selection, carving instruction, and finishing techniques, Reed’s helpful course should provide immense satisfaction and inspiration.

Reed Hayden was excellent! The carving course was an amazing combination of group presentations and one-on-one instruction. Learning the basics from a master carver was great and having some more experienced students in the course showed us beginners what was possible in the future.”
M.A., Kalamazoo, Michigan
Reed Hayden is excellent! He has a lot of patience and is willing to work with you until you ‘get it’ and always showed great enthusiasm for his art. He’s also highly knowledgeable.”
P.W., South Dennis, Massachusetts
This week I was able to accomplish something I never would have believed possible - a carved eagle signboard. Reed Hayden made it possible. His patience, talent, and experience all came in to play and resulted in a very fulfilling and satisfying week.”
T.B., Labelle, Florida