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Vintage Pond Yachts—Part II

Further work toward completion of your previously started pond yacht.

Tuition: $800

Materials: $160

Note: This is a six-day course ending Saturday afternoon.

Vintage pond yacht in the building process

This week is intended to provide the environment and guidance for you to return to Brooklin and resume work on the pond yacht you started here at WoodenBoat School. Students from Thom’s building courses from the past 15 years working on the 36″ Acadia or Brooklin hulls, or any of the 50″ Vintage Marblehead pond boats Naskeag, Peony, Rusticator, Iduna, or Norumbega are invited to participate.

Construction methods and tasks covered in this course will include epoxy sheathing of the hull, completion of the fin and rudder, fabrication of internal support beams, decking, electronics installation, sail control device, manufacture of mast and booms, mounting fittings, and final rigging. Perhaps not every class member will accomplish all of these steps, but at a minimum you will depart this week inspired with specific production knowledge and with the confidence to finish your model at home and get it out sailing.

Vintage Pond Yacht on the workbench

The course materials fee will cover the cost of the wooden materials for all of your boat’s deckbeams, mast, booms, deck, and electronic board. With Thom’s assistance and list of resources, students will be expected to bring along the electronics, appropriate fittings, and rigging items. As always with our pond yacht courses, students will have the opportunity to sail completed pond yachts on our waterfront or in local ponds throughout the week.


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