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Introduction to Cold-Molded Construction

Everything from approaching the project to techniques and materials.

Modern boatbuilding techniques

Tuition: $900

Note: This is a six-day course ending Saturday afternoon.

For years cold-molded wood construction has been used successfully in building small sailing dinghies, competitive rowing shells, cruising sailboats, rugged multi-hulls, and swift powerboats. The technique involves laminating together layers of wood veneers or very thin planks to create a hull that is watertight, extremely strong, and lightweight. Blend these noteworthy features together with a relative ease of boatbuilding, and you have a method of construction that is a very popular choice among professional and amateur builders alike.

The object of this course will be to see and learn first-hand exactly how the professionals take on a cold-molded project and how smaller builders can incorporate professional systems into their own styles. Mike Moros will lead this course; one that has been requested time and time again by a large number of alumni and interested public. Mike brings plenty of experience to the class, including being a former member of Brooklin Boat Yard’s building crew, where he worked on a number of their large cold-molded sailing vessels.

Modern boatbuilding techniques

We have chosen Joel White’s 12′6″ Catspaw dinghy for oar and sail design as the main class project and should provide students with a close look at much of what you need to know in building laminated wooden boats. Daily discussions will cover material choice, handling, tooling, costs and time, and application techniques. Topics that will receive individual attention include epoxy resins, health and safety, fastening systems, spiling, planking, vacuum bagging, trimming, and fiberglassing. A small side project will look at repair methods.

Mike promises that this will be an energetic week with plenty to do, so come prepared to roll up your sleeves and put in six full days. For anyone contemplating the cold-molded approach for their own boat or, perhaps, to add to their boatbuilding business services, this course will be invaluable.

I wanted to learn the cold-molded technique and it was thoroughly covered. Mike Moros had plenty of energy, came well-prepared each day and had everyone working well together. His visual aids were really helpful to my understanding of epoxy and cold-molding.”
D.F., Clemmons, North Carolina
Mike Moros was excellent. An encyclopedia of methods, stories, and tricks of the trade. All conveyed in a very approachable way. INTRODUCTION TO COLD-MOLDED CONSTRUCTION was excellent. I learned a lot and enjoyed the week.”
G.K., Falls Church, Virginia
Mike Moros was excellent. I seriously doubt that anyone would have been able to do a better job teaching cold-molded construction than he did. His deep reservoir of knowledge combined with his upbeat teaching style made for a great week.”
S.S., Castleton, New York