The WoodenBoat School

How to choose the best boatbuilding course for you.

Boatbuilding photo

The key to deciding which class best suits your needs is to carefully read each course description, which incorporates much information about the course’s content and level of experience. We’ll also be glad to help you with any questions you may have after reading this catalog, and if need be we can put you in contact with our instructors. Choosing the right course means that you will be satisfied, appropriately challenged, and among others whose goals and abilities are similar to yours. For those of you looking for a great introduction to traditional wooden boat construction, we recommend: FUNDAMENTALS OF BOATBUILDING, INTRODUCTION TO BOATBUILDING, TRADITIONAL LAPSTRAKE CONSTRUCTION, BUILDING A SHARPIE SKIFF, BUIDING A NORDIC PRAM, and BUILDING THE 16′ GARDNER SEMI-DORY. If you are interested in a certain type of construction, there is plenty to choose from. You’ll find various courses in the following construction methods: plank-on-frame, plywood-epoxy, strip-plank, stitch-and-glue, and much, much more. You’ll also find a wide variety of courses in which a class or individuals will build canoes or kayaks.

In the shop

boatbuilidng photoA fair number of students are interested in taking a series of courses, with a goal of becoming more proficient or even working toward a career in boatbuilding. We suggest considering the following sequence: LOFTING; FUNDAMENTALS OF BOATBUILDING; BUILDING HALF MODELS; ELEMENTS OF BOAT DESIGN; then one or more courses that focus on a particular design or type of construction.

Many of our shop courses are designed for beginning, intermediate, or experienced woodworkers; a wise choice based on skill level can determine how much you may benefit from the course. Again, take time to read each course description carefully.