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Dear Friends,

Welcome to our 2022 website and WoodenBoat School’s 42nd anniversary. This also marks my first year as Director here at the school. It’s an incredible honor and quite humbling to step into such an amazing institution! I remain committed to preserving the spirit of tradition in craftsmanship, seamanship, and community that has been fostered here for generations. It’s my great pleasure to invite you to come and experience everything WoodenBoat School has to offer.

Nestled on the coast of Maine, our beautiful 64-acre “saltwater” campus is the perfect environment for those interested in boatbuilding, repair, design, woodworking, metalworking, sailing, kayaking, and so much more. Whatever your abilities, our “hands-on” courses will help you develop your skills and confidence, in the shop, and on the water. We’ll provide you with a friendly and talented staff, outstanding faculty, delicious, fresh food, and quiet, comfortable accommodations. It’s just a great place to take a break from your busy life schedule and experience a one of kind camaraderie with like-minded folks.

Our beautiful 64-acre saltwater campus in mid-coast Maine provides an environment unmatched in its ability to allow one to experience great boats, plenty of peace and quiet, comfortable accommodations and delicious, fresh food, and a wonderful camaraderie amongst other like-minded souls. It’s a perfect place to take a break from your busy life schedule.

We encourage you to take your time looking through all the information to be found throughout this website. Starting in 2022, course registrations will be online-only. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, including how to register for any of our classes. You can reach us at 207–359–4651 or school@woodenboat.com.

We look forward to hearing from you,
Eric Stockinger
Eric Stockinger