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Dear Friends,

Welcome to our 2020 course catalog. This year marks the 200th birthday of Maine and WoodenBoat School’s 40th anniversary. It promises to be an exciting year!

Brooklin, Maine, has always been a center for boatbuilding and sailing, and the tradition continues to this day here at WoodenBoat School. As you read through this catalog, you will discover a wide variety of course offerings that may just present the opportunity, or even challenge, that you’ve been looking for. Our beautiful 64-acre “saltwater campus” provides an environment unmatched in its ability to allow one to experience great boats, plenty of peace and quiet, and a wonderful camaraderie amongst other like-minded souls. Each week, our community of students, faculty, and staff is as diverse and friendly a bunch as you could imagine—all ages and from all walks of life, with all levels of boatbuilding, woodworking, metalworking, crafting, and boating experience. It’s an amazing place!

All of our “hands on” classes are small and intimate, allowing each student the chance to receive plenty of personalized attention. Our faculty is comprised of skilled professionals and master craftspeople who are more than willing to share their expertise with you.

WoodenBoat School exemplifies tradition, creativity, life skills, and the opportunity to learn through our hands. I’m quite confident that your time spent with us will be filled with exciting memories, and that your first visit will bring you back to our campus for more in the years to come. WoodenBoat School just might enrich you in ways that will surprise you. There’s only one way to find out! Got a question? Just give us a call or email our office and you will receive a prompt response.

Rich Hilsinger